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Tuesday 5th February 2019

Today's Training

Skill - Double Unders

Coaching will work through technique and progressions for skipping and Double Unders

See 7 Levels to Double Under Mastery

If you are competent with Double Unders, work through the following focussing on quality:

Every 2 minutes x 5 (20 minutes):

1) 1 minute Double UNders
2) 1 set Handstand Variation (Holds/Press Ups/Walks)

"Steam Engine"

2 rounds for max reps:
2 minutes on/1 minute off
Row, Ski or Bike (Calories)
Burpee Box Jump 24/20"


Compare to 24th September 2018


Barbell Club at 8pm

Hang Clean x3 @60-70%


Tempo Front Squat 4x5 @ 65-75%, 22X1 Tempo

Gymnastics at 8pm


Our February gymnastics sessions will be focussed on developing the strength and positions to improve your Handstands and Handstand Press Ups.

Monday 4th February 2019

Today's Training


Every 2 minutes x 5:
10 Front Rack Lunges (5 each leg, alternating)
Take bar from the floor
Aim to work across all 5 sets at the same weight.
Rest 5 minutes
Every 2 minutes x 5:
5 Shoulder to Overhead
Take bar from the floor
Aim to work across all 5 sets at the same weight.
Rest 5 minutes

8 minute AMRAP:
8 KB Thrusters 2 x 20/16kg
8 V-Sits
8 Sit Ups


Barbell Club at 6pm

Hang Snatch x3 @60-70%


Halt Snatch Pull

5x3 @85-95%


Strength Training at 7pm

Dynamic Effort Lower


A) Every 90 seconds
5-8 High Box Jumps

- Focus on moving with explosive power and intent on all reps.


B) 5 sets:
Back Squat x 4 @ 65%, 30X1 tempo

KB Russian Swing x 8
- heavy weight that you can move with consistent speed and power across all 8 reps

Rest 60-90 seconds between exercises


C) EMOM12:
1) DB RDL x 8
2) 10 Landmine Squats
3) 30-60 seconds Front Loaded Hold
4) Rest

Endurance Training at 8pm

Partner WOD

Split as you wish:

300 mountain climbers
100 front rack KB lunges
1 mile row
300 double unders
100 tuck ups
1 mile ski
300 double unders
100 KB push press
1 mile run



Saturday 2nd February 2019

Today's Training

RoWoD at 9am

Row, Ski or Assault Bike
2 minutes On/30 seconds Off x 6
Rest 5 minutes
45 seconds On/45 seconds Off x 10

CrossFit at 10 and 11am

Saturday Sickener
Partner WOD
You Go, I Go - 30 minute AMRAP:
Run 150m
15 Burpees
15 Pull Ups
Sandbag Run 150m 22.5/15kg
15 Thrusters 30/20kg
15 Curls 30/20kg
Run 150m
15 KB Swings 24/16kg
15 KB Lunges 24/16kg
Sandbag Run 150m 22.5/15kg
15 Wall Ball 20/14lb, 10/9'

15 Med Ball Sit Ups 20/14lb


Compare to 22nd September 2018


Strength Training at 5pm


Endurance Training at 6pm

21-18-15-12-9-6-3 reps for time:
DB squats
DB push press
*200m run after each round*

Sunday Sessions

9am Hill Sprints

Meet 9am at Roundhay Park main car park just down the road from the Roundhay Fox pub (next to the skate park). All welcome.


10:30am Sunday Social

11:30am Barbell Club


Pull + Snatch - Work up to heavy single


Pull + Clean + Jerk - Work up to heavy single


Clean Pull to Knee x3 @75-90%



Friday 1st February 2019

Today's Training


Dead Stop Deadlift 2 x 5, 1 x As many reps as possible
- Work across all 3 sets at 75% 1RM
- Pull every rep from a dead stop
50 Russian KB Swings
Work with a medium/heavy Kettlebell or pair of Kettlebells and aim to accumulate 50 reps in 2-3 sets with no more than 10 seconds rest between sets.

Open WOD 18.2
1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-10 reps for time:
DB Squat 2 x 20/15kg
Hurdle Facing Burpee


Compare to 2nd March 2018


Barbell Club at 6pm


Drop to Split x3 @55-70%


Halt Split Jerk x2 @65-80%


Strength Training at 7pm

Dynamic Effort Upper


A) Every 90 seconds x 4
5-8 Plyo Push Ups

- Focus on speed and power

- Don't go to failure
- Speed should be maintained across all sets and reps
- If you can't do more than 20 good proper press ups, work 5-8 Single Rep press ups at an angle that allows you to move with perfect form and constant speed on every rep.


B) 5 sets:
Bench Press x 5 @ 65% 1RM, 30X1 Tempo
Single Arm KB Row x 10

Rest 60-90 seconds between exercises

For the Bench Press do a 3 second controlled descent then accelerate the bar to lockout as fast as you can while maintaining body position.


1) KB Strict Press x 10-14
2) 30 seconds Weighted Front Leaning Rest
3) 30 seconds Reverse Flyes

Endurance Training at 8pm

12 cal ski
12 jumping lunges
24 OH plate sit ups
24 air squats
24 shoulder taps in FLR

Thursday 31st January 2019

Today's Training


Rope Climbs

Coaching will be focussed on Rope Climbs and their various progressions.

We recommend bringing a spare pair of long socks for rope climbs to protect your shins from rope burns.


If you are competent with Rope Climbs, work through the following focussing on quality:

Every 2 minutes x 4 (16 minutes)

1) 1 set Rope Climbs

2) 1 set Handstand Variation (Handstand Hold/HS Walk/HSPU)


Every minute on the minute for 15 minutes:
1) Max Calorie Row, Ski or Bike
2) 15 KB Swings 28/20kg
3) 15 Box Jumps (step down) 24/20"


- Score is total Calories across all 5 rounds
- If you fail to make reps of KB Swings or box jumps in any minute, score resets to zero!!!

Gymnastics at 7pm

Full Body Gymnastics Coaching and Conditioning

Every 90 seconds x 5 rounds:

30-45 seconds work per station focussing on technique and position.

1) Ring Muscle Ups

2) Headstands 

3) Around the Worlds

4) Box Jumps



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