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Friday 11th November 2011

"Remembrance Day WOD"

18 minute AMRAP:
11 Hang Power Snatch 35/25kg
11 Burpees
11 Thrusters 35/25kg
11 Pull Ups

On the 11th minute, pause for 1 minute then carry on.


Thanks to Scot Yogi Heyes for the WOD and Karl Steadman of CrossFit 3D for promoting it throughout the UK. Razorstorm have also produced a Remembrance Day t-shirt that is available from their website with a percentage of profits going towards the Royal British Legion.


Warning - Hero workouts can leave you feeling nauseous.


Thursday 10th November 2011

The British Weightlifting CrossFit Open hosted by Alternative Fitness in Andover has been organised for the 17th December 2011. The Open will involve a standard Olympic Weightlifting Competition consisting of 3 attempts each at a max Snatch and max Clean & Jerk, and also a 10 minute AMRAP of 6 Squat Cleans (50/30kg)/12 Pull Ups/24 Double Unders. Your score in the competition will be the total score from all three workouts. If you want to get involved you need to register here quick. Places are limited to 50 entrants. This is a great opportunity to test your Olympic lifting skills in a competitive environment while also enjoying the fun and atmosphere of any CrossFit event. Come and talk to me if you'd like further info.


Anyone up for a swim WOD this Sunday? We're meeting some of the guys from CrossFit West Yorkshire and HG3 at the John Charles Centre in South Leeds at 11am for some fun in the pool if anyone's up for it. The swim WOD we did at the DWF Games last week was a lot of fun so may try and recreate that. Sunday's competition training is still on too. For those who are up for it we'll head back to the gym after our swim for a workout, or if you don't fancy the swim meet at the gym around 1pm for competition training.


Open Gym

Train your weakness/Practice skills/Work on mobility/Catch up on a missed workout/Get a Massage


Here's some highlights from Again Faster of the USAW CrossFit Open that was held in Colarado Springs earlier this year.

Wednesday 9th November 2011

Turkish Get Ups 5-4-3-2-1 reps each arm.

Focus on solid form and technique. This is not for time. Try to increase the weight each round.

After each set of TGUs perform 20 Russian KB Swings with the same weight kettlebell.


Partner WOD:

Alternating rounds perform AMRAP in 15 minutes:

5 Deadlifts @ 65% of 1RM

Sprint 200m



Tuesday 8th November 2011

Pistols - 5 x 5 (each leg) or practice skill and technique



For time:

32-24-16-8-16-24-32 reps of Burpees

After each set of burpees perform the following:

3 Muscle Ups

5 Front Squats 60/40kg

7 Overhead Lunge Walks 15/10kg

All 'thanks' should be directed towards Smudge for this workout!!!



Monday 7th November 2011

Christmas Party

CrossFit Leeds Christmas Party is sorted for Saturday 3rd December. Massive thanks to Rach for being the organisational queen on this. We're going to head to ze German Market around 4pm (exact time TBC) and then have tables booked at Aagrah (curry house near WY Playhouse) for 7.30pm. What happens after that is anyone's guess! For those who want in on the meal at Aagrah you need to pay a £5 deposit to Mike by the 18th November (that's by the 18th, not on the 18th!) and also give your food order from this menu.


Hang Power Clean 6 x 3


5 rounds for time:

5 Power Cleans 70/45kg

10 Toes to Bar

15 Box Jumps 24/20" 


Lumberjack 20 in full swing!


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