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Wednesday 4th October 2017

Today's Training

7 Sets:

1 Power Clean +  1 Hang Squat Clean


For technical focus, work across at a weight that allows development of technique and key positions.

For experienced lifters, start around 65-70% 1RM Squat Clean and build the weight across sets. Aim to get 3 or more sets in at 85+%.


"Varsity WOD"

In pairs you will be working as an individual versus your partner for max reps:
10 minute AMRAP:
Partner A) Row/Bike/Ski 15 Calories
Partner B) Dumbbell Thrusters 2 x 20/15kg


- Play Rock, Paper, Scissors to determine who is Partner A and who is Partner B. Winner chooses.

- Partner A starts on the Row/Bike/Ski while Partner B performs Dumbbell Thrusters. Once Partner A completes 15 calories they switch with Partner B.
- Partner B moves onto the Row/Bike/Ski and completes 15 calories while Partner A does DB Thrusters.
- Continue until 10 minutes is up.
- Your score is your own accumulation of calories + DB Thrusters.
- If you score more than your partner you win!


Where possible we will be pairing students/alumni from Leeds Uni against students/alumni from Leeds Met/Beckett. If you win your tie against your partner you will accumulate 1 point for your University. At the end of the day we'll add up which University has more wins across all the day's classes and they will be crowned Varsity Champions 2016!

If you're not a student/alumni of either university still get yourself in for a cracking WOD and have some fun taking on your partner.


Endurance Training @ 8pm

In teams of 3 complete:

1 Mile Run

300 Jumping Jacks

1 Mile Row

200 Box Jump Overs

1 Mile Run

200 No Press Up Burpees

1 Mile Row

300 Med Ball Sit Ups


Split the reps/distances between your team however you choose.

One team member must be holiding a pair of KBs in a Farmers Hold throughout the workout.



Tuesday 3rd October 2017

Today's Training

Strict Ring Muscle Ups or Strict Pull Ups 5 x 3-5 reps

Use an appropriate variation depending on your current strength.

Before working Muscle Ups and their progressions it is important to have developed the strength to do at least 3 Pull Ups and 3 Ring Dips (even more is better!).


The following variations are increasing in difficulty and can be used for Muscle Ups and Pull Ups.

- Feet assisted Muscle Up/Pull Up

- Partner Assisted Muscle Up/Pull Up

- Muscle Up/Pull Up

- Weighted Muscle Up/Pull Up


If you can currently do 0-4 Pull Ups and are looking to spend some extra training time increasing your Pull Up strength, we have created a programme that you can follow here.


Every 4 minutes x 5:
Run 400m
20 Tuck Ups
Max reps Burpee Box Jumps 24/20"


Score is total Burpee Box Jumps

There is no rest between rounds!


Competition Training

Max Reps in 2 minutes:

Squat Snatch 60/40kg

Rest 2 minutes

Max Reps in 2 minutes:

Shoulder to Overhead 60/40kg

Rest 2 minutes

Max reps in 2 minutes:

Front Rack Lunges 60/40kg

Rest 5 minutes

3 rounds for time:

33% of Max reps Squat Snatch 60/40kg

33% of Max reps Shoulder to Overhead 60/40kg

33% of Max reps Front Rack Lunges 60/40kg



Monday 2nd October 2017

Today's Training

5 Sets:

Back Rack Lunges x 5 each leg

High Box Jump x 5 reps

Rest 2-3 minutes between sets



21-15-9 reps for time:

Deadlifts 100/70kg

Handstand Press Ups


Time Cap = 9 minutes

Compare to 10th April 2017


Endurance Training @ 8pm

On 0 minutes:

Run or Row 1 mile


On 16 minutes:

Run or Row 400m


On 24 minutes:

Run or Row 200m


On 30 minutes:

Run or Row 800m


Do the same discipline (Run or Row) all the way through.

Approach each one as a time trial at around 95% effort.



Saturday 23rd September 2017

Please note, the gym will be closed today from 5-7pm.


Today's Training

Saturday Sickener!

"Partner Hammer"
In pairs and alternating rounds complete 10 rounds (5 rounds each):
5 Power Cleans 60/40kg
10 Front Squats 60/40kg
5 Shoulder to Overhead 60/40kg
20 Pull Ups
Run 150m

Sunday Sessions

Please note, there will be no Hill Sprints on this Sunday.

11am Leeds Barbell Club


11am Sunday Social



Friday 29th September 2017

Today's Training

7 sets:

Power Snatch x 3

For technical focus, work across at a weight that allows development of technique and key positions.

For experienced lifters, start around 60% 1RM Power Snatch and build the weight across sets.


5 rounds for time:

9 Hang Power Snatch 50/35kg

9 Burpees


Time Cap = 9 minutes

If you are not technically competent with Snatches, utilise the first part of today's class to develop your technique at a light/medium load. For the workout use a Hang Clean and Push Press/Jerk in place of the Snatch.


Tune in to the CrossFit Leeds Members Facebook Group at 8.30am to watch a live demo of today's WOD with Coach Mike.


Endurance Training @ 8pm

Every 6 minutes x 6

3 minutes Row/Ski/Assault Bike for Calories

In remaining time make your reps up up to 90 for men, 80 for women with the following movements:

Rounds 1, 3 and 5) Wall Ball

Rounds 2, 4 and 6) Russian Swings


For example, if I Ski 60 calories in 3 minutes I will then do 30 Wall Balls to make my total reps up to 90.

Whatever time is left of my 6 minutes I take as rest before starting my next round.



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