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Tuesday 27th March 2018

Easter Weekend Opening Hours

Please note the following opening hours of this Easter Weekend:


Good Friday 30th March

10-11am Team WOD, 11-1pm Open Gym.


Easter Saturday 31st March

Open as normal


Easter Sunday 1st April



Easter Monday 2nd April

10-11am Team WOD, 11-1pm Open Gym

4-6pm Open Gym, 6-7pm Team WOD


Life Is Sweet @ CrossFit Leeds

We're keeping Life Is Sweet entries open until this Thursday 29th March. Don't forget to get your teams registered by this Thursday at the latest on this link. Registration includes competition entry plus one of our new Life Is Sweet Baseball Tees for you and your partner


I've spoken to quite a few people who are up for taking part and haven't sorted a partner yet. For anyone who's up for it but hasn't sorted a partner, please drop me a message to let me know and I can pair you up with someone.


For anyone not competing who wants one of our new Life Is Sweet Baseball Tees (or if you are competing and would like more than one), they are available to purchase here. Don't forget to select your size from the drop down menu!

Deadline for orders is this Thursday 29th March. Tees will be available for collection at Life Is Sweet on Saturday 14th April or after.


Life Is Sweet Event Details

Life Is Sweet is an in-house partner competition designed to be accessible for all experiences and fitness levels with an emphasis on fun and inclusivity. The workouts are accessible for all members while still providing a challenge for the more advanced.

- 'Life Is Sweet' @ CrossFit Leeds on Saturday 14th April 2018 from 8.30am - 5pm

- All members welcome and encouraged to enter

- Teams consist of two members of the same sex

- Two categories of competition - Male pairs and Female pairs

- £60 per Team. Entry price includes brand new Life Is Sweet baseball t-shirt for you and your partner

- After Party on the Saturday night!

Team registration is now open on the following link

Spaces are limited. Registration closes on Thursday 29th March. Please speak to any of the coaches if you have any questions or would like to take part and don't have a partner.


Today's Training

Skill Focus - Pistol Squats

Coaching will focus on the mobility, strength and balance required to perform a full pistol squat.


If you are competent at Pistols then work through the following for 20 minutes at a steady pace focussing on quality:

10-20 Pistol Squats

5-10 Handstand Press Ups (strict or kipping)


10 minute AMRAP:
8 Toes to Bar
10 Deadlifts 80/55kg
15/12 Calorie Row, Ski or Assault Bike


Barbell Club at 8pm


High Hang Snatch + Hang Snatch x 2

Up to 70%

Tempo Back Squat 5x3

70-80%, 32X1 Tempo


Gymnastics at 8pm

Handstand Holds and Walks


Full Body Gymnastics Conditioning


Monday 26th March 2018

Today's Training


Back Squat 4 x 5

Work across at around 85-90% 5RM

Rest 2-3 minutes between sets



20 KB Swings 32/20kg

Run 400m

30 Burpees

Run 400m

20 KB Swings 32/20kg


Time Cap = 9 minutes

Compare to 17th October 2016


Bolt was first programmed at the first ever Black and Blue Games in 2012. Top times on that day were 5.42 from Dan Campbell and 5.43 from Sam Briggs!


Barbell Club at 6pm

High Hang Clean + Hang Clean x2
Up to 70%

Hang Clean Pull 5x3


Strength Training at 7pm

This will be our final week on the Wendler Cycle. Next week's Strength Classes will be a Testing week.

A) Shoulder Press

5 reps @ 75% of working 1RM
3 reps @ 85% of working 1RM
1+ reps @ 95% of working 1RM


Working 1RM is 90% of 1RM

If you performed this session on 6th March 2018 then add 2.5kg to your 1RM and work calculations out from there.

There is a spreadsheet available to download in the Files section of the Members Facebook Group that will work all your weights out for you from your 1RM.


Wendler 531 - How to Build Pure Strength

B) Bench Press 3 x 2

Work across at around 90% 1RM


C) EMOM12:

1) 30 secs Dips

2) 30 secs Press Ups

3) 30 secs DB Curls


Endurance Training at 8pm

Partner WOD

1) 50 Burpee Box Jumps (alternate every 5 reps)

2) 100 Calorie Ski/Assault Bike (alternate every 10 calories)

3) 100 DB Snatches (alternate every 10 reps)

4) 150 Calorie Row (alternate every 15 Calories)

5) 150 Wall Balls (alternate every 15 reps)

6) Run 400m together



Saturday 24th March 2018

Today's Training

RoWoD at 9am


CrossFit at 10 and 11am

Saturday Sickener

For time:
Run 800m
50 DB Rack Reverse Lunges 2 x 20/15kg
50 Single Leg V-sits
40 Alternating DB Snatch 20/15kg
40 Calorie Row/Ski/Assault Bike
30 DB Deadlifts 2 x 20/15kg
30 Box Jumps 24/20"
20 DB Push Press 2 x 20/15kg
20 Burpees
200m Farmers Walk 2 x 20/15kg


Time Cap = 25 minutes


Strength Training at 5pm


Endurance Training at 6pm

Race the Clock
4 rounds for time @ 100% effort:

15 cal Assault Bike
15 cal Ski
150m Sprint
15 Burpees


Sunday Sessions


9am Hill Sprints

Meet 9am at Roundhay Park main car park just down the road from the Roundhay Fox pub (next to the skate park). All welcome.


10:30am Sunday Social


11:30am Barbell Club

Snatch Pull + Snatch 2+1

Up to 80%

Clean Pull + Clean + Jerk 2+1+1

Up to 80%

Segment Snatch Deadlift

5x5 @75-85%


Friday 23rd March 2018

CrossFit Games Open 2018

Open WOD 18.5


Every year The CrossFit Games Open produces one of the best times of year at the gym. A mass participation fitness event that everyone can get involved in throughout the world, but more importantly, within our brilliant group of members at the box. The Open always brings out the best in what we constantly strive to create at CrossFit Leeds.


- A fantastic community of like minded people getting together to support each other through some challenging tests of fitness.


- Individuals pushing themselves beyond their limitations and achieving things they previously thought impossible.


- Opportunity to compete in an amazing atmosphere, see what your training has made you capable of and inspire others.


- A huge sense of accomplishment and pride on completing each workout.


It doesn't matter if you're officially registered for The Open or not, you can get in and have a crack at the workout. There are Rx, Scaled and Masters categories to have a go at if you're registered to compete, or you can adapt/scale the workout as necessary as you would in any other class.


Big Al and Pineapple Head will be hosting Mighty Mike live at 8.30am so don't forget to tune in to the Public CrossFit Leeds Facebook page to watch Mike performing this week's Open WOD as a live demo then offering up a brief analysis and tips. We'll also have our weekly competition to guess the score for the workout and your opportunity to win a free coffee and even a lovely new CrossFit Leeds top!!!


Friday morning and daytime CrossFit classes will run as normal at 6.30am, 7am, 10am and 12pm, then through the evening from 5pm onwards we'll be running Friday Night Lights.


Friday Night Lights

Every Friday night from 5pm throughout The Open will be a fitness party not to be missed! We'll be running the Open WOD in heats every 20-40 minutes (depending on WOD duration) so you can get in at any point throughout the evening and get stuck into the workout. We'll have coaches on hand to take you through your warm up and WOD movements as well as helping out with advice on strategy and scaling.


We'd love to see as many people as possible at the box every Friday night, whether it's to do the WOD or just to soak up the atmosphere, hang out with friends and support your fellow members. The music will be turned up to 11, we'll be ordering pizzas in thoughout the night and you're fully encouraged to bring your own booze/soft drinks and make a night of it!


Today's Training


Open WOD 18.5

Please see the CrossFit Games website for today's WOD


Please note there will be no Speciality Classes or Open Gym on this evening from 5pm. We have provided the Barbell Club and Strength Programmes below for anyone that wants to get them in during Open Gym or across the weekend.


Barbell Club

Power Clean + Clean x2
Up to 70%

Overhead Squat 5x3
Moderate weight or heavier than Week 1

Strength Training

A) Squat
3 reps @ 70% of working 1RM
3 reps @ 80% of working 1RM
3+ reps @ 90% of working 1RM

Working 1RM is 90% of your current 1RM

If you performed this session on 2nd March 2018 then add 5kg to your 1RM and work calculations out from there.

There is a spreadsheet available to download in the Files section of the Members Facebook Group that will work all your weights out for you from your 1RM.

Wendler 531 - How to Build Pure Strength


B) Double KB Rack Lunge 3 x 10

C) EMOM12:
1) 8-12 Romanian Deadlift
2) 8-12 Russian KB Swing
3) 30-45 second Heavy Front Loaded Carry (Any object)

4) Rest



Thursday 22nd March 2018

Today's Training


Skill - DBalls

Coaching will work through technique, variations and reps with the DBalls. Watch demo video





Every 6 minutes x 4

Row 500m

Run 400m


Compare to 1st September 2016


Gymnastics at 7pm

Full Body Gymnastics Conditioning



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