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Friday 18th January 2019

Today's Training


Dead Stop Deadlift 2 x 5, 1 x As many reps as possible
- Work across all 3 sets at 75% 1RM
- Pull every rep from a dead stop

4 rounds for time:
20 Box Jumps 24/20"
20 Toes to Bar

Time Cap = 11 minutes


Barbell Club at 6pm

Drop to Split x3 @50-60%


Halt Split Jerk x3 @60-70%


Strength Training at 7pm

Dynamic Effort Upper


A) Every 90 seconds x 4
5-8 Plyo Push Ups

- Focus on speed and power

- Don't go to failure
- Speed should be maintained across all sets and reps
- If you can't do more than 20 good proper press ups, work 5-8 Single Rep press ups at an angle that allows you to move with perfect form and constant speed on every rep.


B) 5 sets:
Bench Press x 3 @ 70% 1RM, 30X1 Tempo
Single Arm KB Row x 8

Rest 60-90 seconds between exercises

For the Bench Press do a 3 second controlled descent then accelerate the bar to lockout as fast as you can while maintaining body position.


1) KB Strict Press x 8-12
2) 30 seconds Overhead Weighted Sit Ups
3) 30 seconds Banded Pull Aparts

Endurance Training at 8pm

EMOM 20:
1) 20 KB swings
2) 20 Goblet squats
3) 20/15 cal row/ski/AB
4) 20 burpees

Thursday 17th January 2019

Today's Training


Gymnastics Skills - Headstands and Handstand Press Ups
Strength, position and balance work on Headstands, leading into their skill transfer to Handstand Press Ups.

If you are competent with Headstands and HSPUs, work through the following focussing on quality:

Every 2 minutes x 5 (20 minutes):

1) 1 set Headstand/Handstand Variation (Headstand Holds/Leg Raises or Handstand Holds/Press Ups/Walks)
2) 1 set Strict Pull Ups
16 minute AMRAP:
20/15 Calorie Row, Ski or Bike
20 SA OH Walking Lunges 20/15kg (10 each arm)

Gymnastics at 7pm

Full Body Gymnastics Coaching and Conditioning

Every 90 seconds x 5 rounds:

30-45 seconds work per station focussing on technique and position.

1) Bar Muscle Ups

2) V-Sit/Straddle Sit Hold

3) Bar/Ring Dips or Press Ups

4) Single Leg Jumps



Wednesday 16th January 2019

Today's Training


Barbell Complex
8 Deadlifts + 6 Hang Power Cleans + 4 Front Squats + 2 STOH
15 minutes to build to a heavy set or work on technique

Partner WOD

In pairs and alternating rounds get as far up the ladder as possible in 15 minutes
1-2-3-4-5-etc reps of:
Squat Clean Thrusters 40/30kg
Pull Ups


Partner A does 1 Squat Clean Thruster + 1 Pull Up
Partner B does 2 Squat Clean Thrusters + 2 Pull Ups
Partner A does 3 Squat Clean Thrusters + 3 Pull Ups

No dumping the barbell. Work on linking reps and efficiently cycling the barbell.


Barbell Club at 6pm

Segment Snatch x2 @60-70%


Segment Clean + Halt Jerk x1 @60-70%

Strength Training at 7pm

A) Every 2 minutes x 5 (20 minutes):
1) Deadlift x 6 @ 70% 1RM
2) KB Rack Lunge x 8 (medium-heavy)


B) Every 90 seconds x 3
1) Landmine Squat x 8
2) KB Single Leg RDL x 5 each leg
3) 30 seconds Banded Glute Bridge


C) 400m Heavy Front Loaded Carry
- Use Sandbag/Dball/Kettlebells
- Aim to complete the 400m in 5-8 sets and under 8 minutes.


Endurance Training at 8pm

20 double unders
20 SA DB Hang Power Clean + Shoulder to Overhead
20 toes to bar/v-sits/tuck ups
200m run

Add 20 double unders each round!



Tuesday 15th January 2019

Today's Training

8 minute AMRAP:
1 legless Rope Climb 12'
8 Pistol Squats (Pistol scaling options )
15 Sit Ups


Rest 3 minutes


8 minute AMRAP:
12 Calorie Row, Ski or Bike
12 Tuck Ups


Rest 3 minutes


8 minute AMRAP:
16 Single Arm DB Clean and Jerk 25/17.5kg (8 each arm)
8 Burpees


Score is total reps accumulated across all 3 workouts. 1 round of each individual workout is 24 reps.


Barbell Club at 8pm

High Hang Clean x2 @60-70%


Segment Hang Clean x2 @60-70%

Gymnastics at 8pm

Pull Ups/Toes to Bar/Bar Muscle Ups

Our January gymnastics sessions will be focussed on developing the strength and positions to improve your skills on the pull up bar.

Monday 14th January 2019

Today's Training


Every 2 minutes x 4 rounds (16 minutes)

1) 10 Back Squats @ 65-70% 1RM

2) 30 seconds Press Ups (any variation)


In 12 minutes:
Run 1 mile
in remaining time complete AMRAP...
8 KB Swings 28/20kg
8 KB Squats 28/20kg
8 Burpees


Barbell Club at 6pm

High Hang Snatch x2 @60-70%


Segment Hang Snatch x2 @60-70%


Strength Training at 7pm

Max Effort Upper
A) Shoulder Press - 12 minutes to build to a 5RM

Pause in a dead stop at the shoulder on every rep


then perform 3 x 3 @ 90% of above.

B) 4 sets:

DB Chest Press x 8 reps
Bent Over Row x 8 reps
Rest 60-90 seconds between exercises



1) DB Flyes x 10

2) 30 seconds Banded Triceps Pushdown

3) 30 seconds Weighted Front Leaning Rest


Endurance Training at 8pm

Teams of 3:
3km row (switch every 150m)
150 air squats (switch every 10)
3km ski (switch every 150m)
150 DB push press (switch every 10)
3km run (switch every 150m)



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