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Wednesday 4th October 2017

Today's Training

7 Sets:

1 Power Clean +  1 Hang Squat Clean


For technical focus, work across at a weight that allows development of technique and key positions.

For experienced lifters, start around 65-70% 1RM Squat Clean and build the weight across sets. Aim to get 3 or more sets in at 85+%.


"Varsity WOD"

In pairs you will be working as an individual versus your partner for max reps:
10 minute AMRAP:
Partner A) Row/Bike/Ski 15 Calories
Partner B) Dumbbell Thrusters 2 x 20/15kg


- Play Rock, Paper, Scissors to determine who is Partner A and who is Partner B. Winner chooses.

- Partner A starts on the Row/Bike/Ski while Partner B performs Dumbbell Thrusters. Once Partner A completes 15 calories they switch with Partner B.
- Partner B moves onto the Row/Bike/Ski and completes 15 calories while Partner A does DB Thrusters.
- Continue until 10 minutes is up.
- Your score is your own accumulation of calories + DB Thrusters.
- If you score more than your partner you win!


Where possible we will be pairing students/alumni from Leeds Uni against students/alumni from Leeds Met/Beckett. If you win your tie against your partner you will accumulate 1 point for your University. At the end of the day we'll add up which University has more wins across all the day's classes and they will be crowned Varsity Champions 2016!

If you're not a student/alumni of either university still get yourself in for a cracking WOD and have some fun taking on your partner.


Endurance Training @ 8pm

In teams of 3 complete:

1 Mile Run

300 Jumping Jacks

1 Mile Row

200 Box Jump Overs

1 Mile Run

200 No Press Up Burpees

1 Mile Row

300 Med Ball Sit Ups


Split the reps/distances between your team however you choose.

One team member must be holiding a pair of KBs in a Farmers Hold throughout the workout.



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