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Monday 6th November 2017

New Timetable

Today marks the first full week of our new timetable with the addition of weekday speciality classes at 6 and 7pm (full timetable below).


New classes on today include:

Barbell Club at 6pm

Strength at 7pm

Endurance on as normal at 8pm

All 7 CrossFit Classes are still on as normal right through the day.

Please note there will be no Open Gym available between 6-8pm. Open Gym will be available at all other times from 6am-9pm.


For details of different classes check out our webpage here


Today's Training


Back Squat

20 reps @ 55% 5RM

15 reps @ 65% 5RM

10 reps @ 75% 5RM

5 reps @ 85% 5RM

Rest 2-3 minutes between sets


"Steam Engine"

2 rounds for max reps:
2 minutes on/1 minute off
Row (Calories)
Burpee Box Jump 24/20"


Barbell Club at 6pm

20 minutes:
Halt Clean + Clean @ 75-90%

Clean Pull with Eccentric

5 x 3 @ 100-110%


Strength Training at 7pm

Max Effort Upper Pull

A) 12 minutes to build to 5RM Bent Over Row

B) Superset x 4 rounds:
5 Pull Ups
5-10 Dips/Press Ups


C) EMOM9 (3 rounds)
10 DB Single Arm Row (R)
10 DB Single Arm Row (L)
10 Overhead Plate Sit Ups


Endurance Training at 8pm

Run, Row or Ski

Every 5 minutes x 3:



Every 3 minutes x 4:



Every 1 minute x 5

150m Sprint


Rest 2 minutes


Every 45 seconds x 6

100m Sprint



New Timetable



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