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Black + Blue Games

Autumn 2017

The 2017 Black and Blue Games will be held at The Forge on Saturday 21st October 2017 from 8.30am-5.30pm.


Registration for our 2017 event is now closed.


Alongside the daytime events will be our infamous post competition after party from 7.00pm at The White Room @ The Pit Leeds in the Northern Quarter of the city centre. The After Party is free and open to all members whether competing or not.


The following links are all available and up to date for 2017 Black and Blue Games information




Movement Standards



History of the Games

The Black and Blue Games is a biannual competition created by CrossFit Leeds to bring our fantastic community of members together for a fun day of competition and to showcase the capabilities and progress you have all made since training with us. There's a strong focus on fun and participation, and all members are encouraged to take part. Workouts are accessible to all and scaling options are available where necessary. If you have any questions about the event feel free to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or speak to one of the coaches at the gym. You can check out the WODs and results from previous Black and Blue Games on the links below.

Autumn 2012

Spring 2013

Autumn 2013

Spring 2014

Autumn 2014

Spring 2015

Autumn 2015

Spring 2016



Blue Category
Autumn 2012 - Aaron Henning and Lucy Hack
Spring 2013 - Sian Jones and Rob Alexander
Autumn 2013 - Garry Turner and Emma Kamillo-Price
Spring 2014 - Tom Mannings and Mel Gee
Autumn 2014 - Nick Humphries and Helen Baker

Spring 2015 - Ronnie Worrall and Izabela Oledzka

Autumn 2015 - Earle Jamieson and Lene Telle

Spring 2016 - Ammer Mohammed and Emma King

Autumn 2016 - Joe Groves and Jemma Hull


Black Category
Autumn 2012 - Dan Campbell and Niki Simpson
Spring 2013 - Sam Henderson and Sarah Stewart
Autumn 2013 - Carl Pullan and Niki Simpson
Spring 2014 - James Wright and Sarah Open
Autumn 2014 - James Wright and Laura Hughes

Spring 2015 - Toby Turner-Thompson and Sarah Turner-Thompson

Autumn 2015 - Joe Taylor and Lucy Hack

Spring 2016 - Danny Campbell and Sian Jones

Autumn 2016 - Sam Turner and Sian Jones


Spirit of the Box

Autumn 2012 - Mark Price

Spring 2013 - David Bradshaw

Autumn 2013 - Martin Wolstencroft

Spring 2015 - Nicola Simpson and Rosie Plowman

Autumn 2014 - Lucy Hack

Spring 2015 - Faisal Tuddy (Meanwood) and Ben Halpin (The Forge)

Autumn 2015 - Helen Baker (Meanwood) and Willow (The Forge)

Spring 2016 - Luigi Giacomuzzi (Meanwood) and Annie Sollom (The Forge)

Autumn 2016 - Joe Groves

Spring 2017 - Lesley Murray




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