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Training Programme Library

The following list of training programmes have been designed by a various specialist coaches and collaborated by CrossFit Leeds Head coach Mike Rawlinson. They are available free of charge to help you reach your goals and improve your all around strength and fitness. Click the relevant link to be taken to the programme. There's video links and spreadsheets to go alongside each one to make sure you're performing them correctly and to help keep you on track.


Pull Ups Level 1 - How to get your first Pull Up and Beyond by Mike Rawlinson

A 6 week programme to improve pull strength, suitable for individuals who can do 0-4 Pull Ups.


Simple Strength for CrossFitters by Mike Rawlinson

An easy to follow and highly effective strength programme to work alongside your regular CrossFit training.


Kipping Gymnastics Volume by Alex Heslop

A 6 week programme to build your strength and volume in any Kipping Gymnastics movement (Muscle Ups, Toes to Bar, Pull Ups, HSPUs).


Wendler 5/3/1 by Jim Wendler

A world famous, tried and tested strength programme focussing on 4 of the big barbell lifts to develop slow and steady strength gains.


5K Run Programme by Lucy Hack

Originally designed to assist members of CrossFit Leeds with their preparation for the Leeds ITU Sprint Triathlon 2016, this 5k run programme consists of 1 running session per week to help improve your 5k pace.


750m Swim Programme by Rosie Plowman

Originally designed to assist members of CrossFit Leeds with their preparation for the Leeds ITU Sprint Triathlon 2016, this swim programme consists of 1 swim session per week to help you complete a freestlye 750m swim.


Push Ups Level 1 - Get Off Your Knees by Mike Rawlinson

A 6 week Push Up programme to get you doing multiple reps of perfect full push ups


Once per Week Rowing Programme by Helen Baker

A 16 week Rowing programme supplied by Helen Baker designed to increase your all round rowing capability and specifically improve your 1-2km row times. Includes 1 row per week and is designed to be added to the CrossFit Leeds class programme for improved aerobic capacity, power output and rowing efficiency.


If there are any other programmes you would like to see on this page to help you reach your strength and fitness goals, please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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